LEE Auto Appearance Centers are the ultimate in appearance reconditioning and detailing for owners who require a premier service for their vehicles, boats, RVs, campers, motorcycles, and other recreational vehicles. 

At LEE Honda we believe quality is essential to customer loyalty. Anyone can clean a car, but only a professional can give your vehicle a true cleansing and protection from the elements. We look forward to providing you with this level of care on all your vehicles.

Email: recon@leeautomall.com
Phone: (207) 784-5441
Detailing Services Offered

  • Headlight Restoration - $49
  • Windshield Chip Repair - $45
  • Sap Removal (hourly/as needed) - $60
  • Ionizer (odor removal) - $35
  • Engine Degreaser - $25
  • Remove Window Tint - $50
  • Buffering & Wet Sanding (hourly/as needed) - $60
  • Boats/RVs (hourly/as needed) - Please Call

LEE Reconditioning Menu

The Complete - $239*
A complete reconditioning of your vehicle with a buff and wax of the exterior, and a detailed cleaning and shampooing of the interior. Windows, Engine, Tires - the works!

The Insider - $129
A complete reconditioning of the interior of your vehicle. Interior panel and dash detailing, carpet shampooing, window and glass cleaning.

The Outsider - $119
A complete reconditioning of the exterior of your vehicle and door jambs, including a one-step buffing and hand wax applied.

The Wax - $89
A hand wash & dry, wheel & tire clean, and professional hand wax.

The Value - $69
A hand wash & dry, wheel & tire clean, complete vacuuming, interior glass clean, and dash and console wipe.

*Cars and small SUV's only. Trucks, vans and large SUV's: $279

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